Christ’s Gospel is For Everyone

Two Sundays ago (August 21st), Justin Taylor concluded a short sermon series at our church on our mission statement, which reads, “To bring glory to God through Spirit-transformed lives by the beauty and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” His sermon covered the last point of the mission statement: the beauty and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here’s an excerpt:

You’ve heard David Sunday and you’ve heard other pastors here say this before. You will hear us say it again over and over and over again, and I hope you never tire of it. The gospel is not only for unbelievers, it’s for believers. It’s not only for those who come to church on Easter and Christmas, and maybe a couple other times, but it’s also for those who have practically grown up in the church. It’s not only for adults but it’s for the smallest of our kids. All of us need to hear the gospel over and over and over and over again.


We are characters in the Biblical story. This is our story. If you’re a believer, or if you’re an unbeliever, this story is about you. It’s about where you came from and about where you are going and how you can get right with God.

He gives a wonderful biblical and doctrinal overview of the Gospel of Jesus Christ:

There are only two kinds of people in this world: those who are in Adam, and those who are in Jesus Christ. You can divide this room but only God knows who belongs to Him.

All of us, no matter our background, no matter how good life seems or how bad life seems, no matter where we came from, all of us were born in Adam. We were born with Adam as our  representative. We were born so that when God looks at us He sees Adam’s failure as our failure. As we start to sin, we show it;  we demonstrate that we are children of Adam. That means we are children of wrath. We are under the judgment of God. From our  conception—from the moment we are a microscopic embryo—we are all born in bondage. We are all born with Adam as our representative. But open to all is the opportunity to come to Jesus Christ and to be in Jesus Christ.

Regarding our righteousness in Christ:

But you know, even that’s not enough. Having all your sins put away does not make you righteous before God. Just like declaring bankruptcy and having all your debts removed does not give you a triple-A credit rating. Because a defendant in court is declared to be innocent does not necessarily make him a righteous man. We need righteousness to go to heaven. Only perfect people will go to heaven and none of us are perfect, so we need to clothe ourselves with the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ.

This sermon really blessed me that morning. You can read, listen, or download the entire thing here. Please do.

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