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Praying to the God of “How Much More…”

This is the first post in a new series I hope to continue. From time to time, I plan to post the notes I take on the sermons from my pastor, David Sunday. You can listen to any of them at

We are currently in the middle of a series going verse by verse through Luke’s Gospel. On Sunday, September 1, 2013, Pastor Sunday preached from Luke 11:1-13. Below are my notes from his sermon titled “Praying to the God of ‘How Much More…'”. Continue reading

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Seek First

In these days of economic turmoil, fears of a double-dip recession, and so many who are either unemployed or under-employed, it is vitally important as Christians not to give in to anxiety. Personally, my career is in the mortgage industry. Not the best field to be in the last few years. Anxiety over my family’s finances is a daily battle (with regular victories thanks to the Lord, my God). Turning to Christ in these times is the only answer as those in Christ have a hope and a promise beyond this life thanks to Jesus’ work on the cross. The trials of this life are just that: trials, which prepare us to enter the heavenly kingdom of Christ. Of course this principal applies to all anxieties arising from any type of trial. Continue reading

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