Already But Not Yet

As a follower of Christ, doctrine and theology have been important to me, particularly in the most recent decade of my life as both a means to better understand and articulate what God has done for me through Jesus Christ and fan my zeal for the Lord. The concept of “already but not yet” has been a great help in gaining a more full perspective of God’s story and, most importantly, His plan of salvation for His people. I first encountered the concept in my years interning for Young Life immediately following college. My understanding has changed much and continues to expand. Continue reading

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Behold Our God

Our church began a new sermon series titled “Behold Our God” back at the beginning of September. We will be working our way, as a church, through the entire Bible for the next 15 months. It is a tremendous series. You can listen to any of the messages here. Given the title and theme of this new sermon series, we have adopted Sovereign Grace Music’s song, “Behold Our God”, from the “Risen” album. I have been hearing it a lot lately as my kids sing it regularly around the house. What a joy! The words are beautiful, powerful, and worshipful. Here is a video clip on YouTube for you to enjoy. Continue reading

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The Bible is Not About You!

I first watched this video from Tim Keller this past Sunday at my church as a sort of introduction to our new series on “Reading the Bible for Life”. The video is great. How you view the Bible and what it is primarily about will ultimately shape your conception of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In short, “The Bible is not about you, it’s primarily about Jesus Christ.” This is why the Gospel is good news and not merely good advice. Enjoy. Continue reading

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Christ’s Gospel is For Everyone

Two Sundays ago (August 21st), Justin Taylor concluded a short sermon series at our church on our mission statement, which reads, “To bring glory to God through Spirit-transformed lives by the beauty and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” His sermon covered the last point of the mission statement: the beauty and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here’s an excerpt: Continue reading

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I Believe!

I was reading Psalm 27 earlier today and verse 13 jumped out at me.

“I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!”

David’s emphatic statement is full of conviction. He says this within a psalm where there are evildoers assailing him, adversaries and foes, an army encamped against him, and a war rising against him. (vv. 2-3) “Yet,” he says, “I will be confident.” Where is his confidence? It is in the Lord who his light, salvation, and stronghold. (v. 1) David confidently believes that his prayer in verses 4-6 to dwell in the house of the Lord, gaze upon His beauty, and inquire in His temple will be answered. And it will be answered in the “land of the living.” This he pronounces with confidence, “I believe!” Continue reading

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Seek First

In these days of economic turmoil, fears of a double-dip recession, and so many who are either unemployed or under-employed, it is vitally important as Christians not to give in to anxiety. Personally, my career is in the mortgage industry. Not the best field to be in the last few years. Anxiety over my family’s finances is a daily battle (with regular victories thanks to the Lord, my God). Turning to Christ in these times is the only answer as those in Christ have a hope and a promise beyond this life thanks to Jesus’ work on the cross. The trials of this life are just that: trials, which prepare us to enter the heavenly kingdom of Christ. Of course this principal applies to all anxieties arising from any type of trial. Continue reading

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Viewing God’s Creation With Wide-Eyed Wonder Again

Wow! It is has been over four months since my last post. I have been working through figuring a lot out. Oh, and we moved, which was a huge answer to a yearlong prayer. All in all, in the last four months I have learned time and again that God is good!

I have been able to do some reading, too. I just finished, in less than a week, N.D. Wilson’s book, Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl: Wide-Eyed Wonder in God’s Spoken World. Wide-eyed wonder is a great description of this book. Justin Taylor calls it “provocative”.  Justin definitely gets it right. The book reads like a succession of random thoughts thrown together, but they all weave together to get his point across: This world (universe) we live in is amazing! Every part of it screams out at us that there is a Creator God that designed every corner, every microscopic organism and spoke into existence every sub-atomic particle. Continue reading

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