Quick Bio

I was born in Princeton, a small town in north central Illinois. I had what most would say was a normal childhood. I am the oldest of three boys, was raised in the Evangelical Covenant Church, saved by Christ around age 14, and played football, baseball, basketball, and soccer all through my childhood. I am a graduate of both Princeton High School and the University of Illinois. I worked for Young Life after college, met my wife, got married, and moved to the Chicago suburbs, where I ended up working for Chase Bank after a short stint with a small real estate company in Chicago’s south loop. All this led to my current position writing loans. I am currently enrolled in the Master of Arts of Biblical Studies at Reformed Theological Seminary’s global campus. All in all, my ultimate desire is to be a pastor someday.

I first encountered Reformed theology while at the University of Illinois. I was in a small discipleship group of men within our chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. It was not a good first encounter as I struggled mightily with it…particularly the doctrine of election. The Lord continued to work on me for the next several years, and it was my pastor, Dave Berry, at Jacob’s Well Community Church in Bloomington-Normal who first helped me to understand the depths and beauty of Reformed theology as we  met together weekly and read John Piper’s The Pleasures of God. The last several years have been an enriching time for me drinking in the depths of Reformed theology.

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